Stover 5k Raceday

Go on then, ‘Torture Field’, give it your best shot. So it did, twice, and I survived thanks to my genius training program of mince pies and not running.

As the car was peeling through the Devon countryside towards Stover, the conversation faltered and the brief interlude was enough to make our thoughts turn to the elephant in the car, or rather ‘are we really ready to run 5 kilometers’.

shivering in the sunlight awaiting the start
shivering in the sunlight awaiting the start

It was then that Emma said what I’d been fearing was true, I hadn’t run for at least 3 weeks. A combination of a nice warm bed, pitch black early mornings and a new weekly routine had sealed the training schedules fate. I use the term ‘schedule’ loosely as it is more of an idea or concept than a meticulously planned, heavily researched and rigorously adhered to existence.

Which is how the patented ‘taper off early and eat mince pies’ method of 5k training came into being.

The last time Emma ran with me was the Tavy 7 race oct 2011, that was the day we started off together and half way round I couldn’t keep up with her and told her to go on, which she did at an alarming turn of speed, the next time I saw her was at the finish line where she had been waiting patiently for a good few minutes.

Today was different though, the effects of MS have taken a lot of speed out of Emma and she is wobbly and unsteady of the ground in places, but we still managed 39 mins time for the 5k, which is not too shabby. This time sadly, it was not difficult to keep up.

The large amount of friends who came out to run alongside us physically and those who ran with us in spirit whilst watching on with bundles of coats and or children made the day, and the sun seemed to shine a little warmer and brighter because of them,

I raise my glass to you all.


An Amazing an inspiring group of people
An Amazing an inspiring group of people

ps. Tim is on the picture, that’s his shadow at the bottom – taking the picture!


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