The silence of what comes after


When all the racers are in and the finish line falls silent after the echoes of excited runners, friends and family fade away . . .what then?

Any pain endured during the event has been forgotten, washed away by the endorphin high that kicks in moments after crossing ‘the line’, all doubts of fitness have gone, replaced by celebration of what was achieved. It is in this state that wild promises are made ‘this will kick start my training again’ or ‘I could do a 10k at that pace, easily’ or ‘I want to race every month at least, hopefully twice!’.

Later on strained muscles and aching joints start to paint their landscape of dull background pain, reality starts to bite a little bit at a time until all of the finish line ambition has been replace by ‘I’m knackered, I’ll sort something tomorrow’, the come down after the endorphin high.

I really hate this winter.

So what is next? The grand plan is to enjoy my ‘running’ so I’m on the look out for all the funny named races that come along, the ‘Beer Blazer’, ‘Brown Willy’, ‘Hogweed Hilly’, ‘Ruby Run’ and ‘Surf n Turf’. Because it’s always going to make you smile telling someone that you ran brown willy at the weekend.

In action faithful and honor clear.




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