Slay the Dragon 10K

Only 5 days to go, and with Emmalisa3 on holiday it means only one thing . . .

Go turbo!!

Plus the weather is frankly horrible so sitting on the saddle of pain is a far better proposition than donning the full ninja suit and going for a run, the advantages of being warm, dry, and being able to watch obscure 80’s hits via YouTube on a tablet whilst you’re belting out the km’s is not inconsiderable. I can also continuously sip from a mug of fresh hot coffee, all very civilised, I can almost see the attraction of running machines and gyms. Almost.

The saddle of pain
The saddle of pain

We are all off to Hinton St George on Sunday for the Slay the Dragon race, Emma will be running in the short family run along with our three little boys all decked out in MS orange colours, and meanwhile I will be ‘running’ around the 10k route also sporting an MS orange bib.If the weather is anything like today i shall be wearing said bib over the full ninja suit.

I’m most looking forward to the ‘bacon butties and wide variety of cakes’ which seem to be on offer, although the cake shall have to wait for after the race. Running round with a bacon butty in hand during the race could be a laugh though. I made the mistake of looking at the route via the power of google and strava, the elevation looked devilish until I looked properly at the chart numbers, even so it still looks as though there’s a kick uphill right at the end of the race, at that point I hope that I’ll be able to smell the cake stall and that should drag me home.

I should be talking about what training I’ve done, miles, km’s, times, splits, intervals, etc but the truth is I’m not that kind of runner, yet. I haven’t planned for the run, or planned my training, or even looked for a plan to plan my training. I get out and run when I can, which at the moment seems to be ‘not very often’. I don’t have a strategy to overcome this and I’m happy about that, I am simply happy running.

Post addition thought thingymagig wotsit, postscript?

The Turbo trainer is making the most god aweful racket at the moment, but I can’t hear it with my headphones in and volume turned up, and the boys sleep like the dead just like me, so the only people who will hear it are the neighbours. Better make it a lonnnnng session then, don’t want them to think i’ve got no stamina.

Post, post additional thought.

I hope it’s not the hub, that would be a bad thing. That would involve a wheel strip, and a mission creep, if i’m stripping the wheel I may as well get new spokes, no new wheel, and cassette, more gear ratios, new groupset, new crank, and wiggle will have a sale!

Oh, I do hope it’s not the hub.


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