Time for a brew

My heart rate is normal once more and I think I’m able to walk to the kitchen, somehow I’d forgotten the insanity of turbo training interval workouts.

The round red hoop

I slipped my feet into the race shoes and clipped in, the old familiar connection to machine kicks straight in, a feeling of wanting to go balls-out-fast floods back and I can visualise the tarmac gliding by below, the sensation of wanting to go so fast it feels like you’re flying. But I’m not, I’m sat stationary in the kitchen, earphones in listening to some chilled out ambient twinkly pop and that’s when the most dangerous idea I’ve had this week happened.

5 minutes later I’m starting a 20 minute insanity bike workout, intervals and recovery ratios and full sprint splits, which boils down to a very nice motivational voice telling you to hang in there and that you only have to not let your heart burst for another 10 seconds, and now recovery time, and now sprint etc. Within seconds of starting this I’m dripping with sweat and my chest is heaving, I look down and maniacaly laugh as I realise I’m on the big ring, no wonder I feel like passing out, still my legs are still going round so why not? lets keep the big dog spinning. Self doubt hits like a frying pan to the face, I’m not fit enough, I’ll shred my legs, I can’t do this.

But somehow I don’t listen, I carry on and 20 minutes later I’m unclipping and staggering away from the bike, soaking wet and panting for a drink. And that’s when the second idea hits, no drink, record this, see what happens, do I really need fluid?

How much fluid loss?
How much fluid loss?

So I make an experiment below are the records timings and what I felt like, I did not drink just noted how much I felt like drinking. I also weighed my T-shirt and compared that to an identical clean dry one (luckily I have five the same, makes it easy to decide what to wear on workdays), 210gms wet to 170gms dry in terms of water 30mls worth, hardly any yet it felt like I’d lost about half a pint to a pint.

20.00 Hrs – workout finished, panting heavily, need at least a pint of water.

20.14 Hrs – Breathing eased off heart still hammering, could do with a slurp of water.

20.20 Hrs – Mild headache and legs of jelly, a slurp of water would be good.

20.30 Hrs – Head feels now, legs are just heavy, heart rate is calming down.

20.47 Hrs – Back to normal, but definitely time for a brew.

Which begs the question do I need to drink in a race? in a 5k at a moderate pace probably not, but a 10k race maybe could do with a slurp or two? I don’t think I found much out of any depth apart from I sweat less than I think, but I also don’t know the answer to how many jelly babies per km I need to consume and that is the really important question.



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