And you dreamed it all

As I fine tune the grip of my laces I know what lies before me and it holds no dread, 2km of unrelenting upwards.

I stand, close the door and breathe in deeply.



My head starts up with a long forgotten riff as soon as my right foot hits the ground, my feet in perfect cadence with every strike of the keys.

And now snare and Bass.

Surface changes from tarmac to grass as I enter the park and my feet respond to the extra bounce of the turf, I prefer off-road.

Guitar and harmonies.

I dig into the start of the climb, I will do this, I can do this, I know this route now, I know when to slow and pace and when to dig in, I mentally own it.


A few words at a time then a flood and the whole song comes crashing to the front of my conscious, the music in my head mixing now with the real sounds of the world around me, I blurt out the lyrics in ragged breaths. I cross the bridge and dig into the last part of the climb, music still looping, breath ragged, leg sinews screaming at me to stop.

The bridge


Dawn chorus fades as I climb away from the trees onto the trig adorned summit of East Hill, the wind blows gentle gusts and I lean with my back to the trig. I pause, watch the town for a moment, toy like in the bottom of the valley, my mind ponders the different routes down. Getting cold, time to go, die is cast and decision made, I head right along the ridge of the hill towards a steep decent into the wooded valley to the east of the town.

The Hook.

Downward into the woods, steeper and steeper, the track twists as it drops before slamming into a gate and one last short drop to the river. The flow of the water burbles and floods over the music, I pause to snatch a photo and watch the river flow and eddy. Onwards again, the music continues were it left off.

Charlottes' Bridge
Charlotte’s’ Bridge

Fade to close

Through the woods back to home, flying, I have nirvana, my zen runs, It is effortless, the piano loops.

“And you dreamed it all, and this is your story”

“Do you know who you are?

I stand in the leat, Ice cold water flows into my shoes and over my feet, the cold shock tingles the nerves but I walk slowly through the water enjoying the feel of the gravel bed underfoot. Time for home and coffee. Time for children and breakfast, for hugs and my sleepy love.

“you’re the dream operator”




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