A Pair of Brown Eyes


Sometimes life can be quite exhausting, overwhelming and downright crap. The universe likes to be in balance, so say hello to Lilly – my fur ball of joy and new running partner.

The new layout of the blog is a change in direction too, it will be simpler to maintain, and simple is what I excel at just now. I have kept running, although sporadically and with not much conviction or enthusiasm, for this I’m grateful as it means I’m not starting fully from scratch, but by ‘eck I wont be running races this year.

‘Life and stuff’ came to a head, and following a ‘talk’ with a GP we agreed that anyone who had carried the load that I was hauling would also be feeling the same, I was happy with that, it was in some strange way all the therapy I required. We agreed together, that I could try, for a time, to work out things without the aid of drugs, which we both agreed would be of benefit in my circumstances should I not be able to improve my wellbeing.

It was also agreed that I did need to take time for ‘me’ and that shifting said portly arse would be of great benefit to both body and also whatever constitutes the soul. So running then.

The local woods and trails around the park now resound to the bass boom of my delicate feet being dragged around by Lilly our new dog, who replaces the irreplaceable Beamish, Dog of legend, Hound of the Northern Moor, Guardian of the Way, First of his Kind and Slayer of Rabbits, may his soul forever rest.

At the moment me and Lilly are attached by a rope affixed to my ample waist, however the sport of dog running is gaining a bit of a following, so there seems to be a vast array of harnesses and leads to pour over and choose. Low tech works at the moment and will have to for some time, as my car seems to think its 1988 and has started to deny that it has power steering – bugger, the mechanic did seem very happy to see me.

And the birds were whistling in the trees
Where the wind was gently laughing

And a rovin a rovin a rovin I’ll go
For a pair of brown eyes


One thought on “A Pair of Brown Eyes

  1. Emma-Lisa July 28, 2016 / 19:10

    Reblogged this on emmalisa3.com and commented:
    Wanted to share my hubbys post and a picture of Lily our lovely Lab!

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