Run to the Hills


The alarm on my phone went off, 7am light poured through the window, confusion poured through my fuzzy head. Why the hell had drunk me set a 7am alarm?

Last night we’d been down the park for the summer music battle of the bands, a chance for the boys to run around and for us to sit listen to some good music and drink some beer. Perfect. Finished off with an Iron Maiden tribute band, good times.

We missed Iron Maiden as the boys were hanging and we got them home to bed, however living close to the park meant I could still hear them, ‘Fear of the Dark’ – Oh yes, more please! At this point drunk me must have had a great idea of getting up early for a run.

The morning has dawned with low cloud drifting lazily across the town, what to do? go for a run or have a morning cuddle? My better half growls at me, I’ll go for a run then.

The other lady in my life greats me downstairs with a big grin and a waggly tail, she knows whats occurring, we kit up and head out leaving the house gently slumbering.

East hill is blanketed in low mizzley cloud, and that’s when drunk me’s genius becomes apparent, there is no-one around. I pick my way through a few discarded beer bottles and aim for the path that leads me upwards, fresh microscopic beads of rain swirl in the air all around me, it is cool yet without a bitter wind, perfect for clearing the head.


Lilly and me pick our way upwards, walking on the steeper parts until the path levels out alongside the A30, the light traffic creates a steady pulse to mirror the rush of my own blood that I hear in my ears, I crack a smile.

Lilly is enjoying being first dog out and takes delight in hooving up the choicest of the sheep poo as we pass by a flock in the upper fields, and then we emerge onto the small section up to the trig point.


The Journey back is considerably faster, and Lilly enjoys a little time off the lead coming through the park, then its back home, to sleepy heads and strong coffee.

Life can sometimes be amazing, even amongst the darkness that seems to grip us too often.

‘Run to the hills, run for your lives
Run to the hills, run for your lives’

Fade to end.



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