Purple Rain


My head is on a loop – It is raining, I have 3Km to run, It is raining, I have 3km to run… I know it’s not winter, the rain will be warm, as I flail around getting myself into my running gear I have mentally run through the playlist for todays run, there is only one choice. It is not November, nor is it a hard rain,

Purple it shall be.

The full track, on repeat.


1.5Km out and back, feet slapping the tarmac path which parallels the railway as it climbs away from Okehampton and on toward Meldon. The rain has turned to lazy floating mist by the time I get to the 198 post, not much further to the turn around, His Purpleness still wringing the neck of that guitar into my ears.

I make the marker and let Lilly have a good sniff around for a moment while I adjust the headphone loops, I find I’m not at max volume just as the guitar solo starts again, always a bonus to able to turn it up even louder.


The return is with the wind on our backs, and downhill, and I’m soon skidding down the cinder paths leading to the park, with Lilly going crazy because even though it’s been raining she still wants to swim in the river.

I watch her paddling back and forth for a while and stand and appreciate the river shower as she gets out and shakes herself before jumping back in. I turn down the volume and birdsong now mixes with the haunting sound of the guitar, as I stand and watch the water flow by, I continue to gently fade down the music until there is only birdsong.

We run home together with only the memory of the song playing in my head.

“If you know what I’m singing about up here
C’mon, raise your hand”



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