Darkness comes


The Alarm has been set, thirty minutes past six in the morning I will be ripped from my slumber to don prepared clothing and stagger outside into the dark, to run.

I have not ran for weeks, life has again drowned me and getting up to run with a multitude of early morning summer runners has not appealed. The last time I ran I felt every ounce of extra weight I was carrying, my joints hurt and I couldn’t breathe.

The sofa beckoned, ‘come and sit’ it said.

‘Diet’ says I.

‘Diet’ says I, again with emphasis.

‘and run?’ questioned the sofa

‘Pass the biscuits’ says I

‘Run’ says my waistband

‘and Diet’

‘Diet’ says I, ‘and Run’

so I lost a stone, organised my running gear and set the alarm.


To help Lilly the posh Lab came along too. We have a new ‘boingy’ lead and a belt which stops her pulling so enthusiastically. So off we went just her and me into the gloom of early autumn morning, with no-one else around we panted and puffed our way around the park watching the sun slowly fill the valley.


The lights of the gym blazed away as we passed by on our way home through the fields and lanes, back to the warmth and hum of a waking house, coffee and breakfast.

I’ll not say I’m starting again, but it looks like I’m starting again as the darkness draws in.

‘Like the morning sun
I get lost
When the darkness comes’


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