It has been awhile. Things have changed, they oft times do.

Im sat at my new desk, in my new spot, inhaling the coffee sat between my arms as I type in comfort. No longer cooped up in a corner, keyboard disappearing under a deluge of life’s clutter, it is a wonderful space, one which I don’t take for granted.

It has come at a cost as all things do, the debate over its eventual creative worth vs physical and mental effort expended can be had by others.

A long time ago . . . in a dusty itchy spider infested loft space a dream started.


Many, many laters . . .


So here I sit, listening to Avantasia slightly too loud through some exquisitely responsive headphones, typing nonsense and drinking coffee. I have a bit of sorting out to do but that happens over time as you begin to use a space, you can’t pre-plan every aspect of a creative space, it has to grow and evolve with use and time.

What I have here is a rough draft that will be worked into a final form, the creative process will itself form the space it is created in.

Oh yes . . . running.

Haven’t done any of that since, erm <checks last entry> October 3rd last year.

<insert favoured expletive>

Best go for a run then.


The hot weather has finally broken and the top of East Hill is shrouded in low cloud, drizzle hangs lazily in the cool air, perfect. I grab Lilly and we head off down the road. I run a very short route through the fields and then back into the park before both Lilly and I mutually agree to walk back up the hill to home.


I think she was happy.

Especially at the bit when we both ended up in the ford.

Squelchy running shoes are the best.

We’re back.


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