May_1My gut is 42 inches round, my waist is 39 and i’m tipping the scales at 13 Stone 12. This morning I ran 2.51 km through the drizzle of a Dartmoor summer. In 11 months and 2 days I will be starting a run that will cover 49.7 km. South 2 North is happening.49.7 km in length will be stretched out to become 50 km, 1405m of height gain, 1311m of height loss with a trip over highest part of Dartmoor at 614m. So couch to 5k training schedule with a bit added on the end, anyone got a couch to 50k?

So 50 is happening and I can no more stop time passing than I can stop the transit of the earth around the sun, and I have to choose who I will be as I hit the half century. I can carry on as is slowly loosing the battle of an ever expanding gut, but never really trying to seriously sort it out and being content as long as I fit into a 36/38/40 waist, occasionally going for a run 2-5k long, and settling down on the couch of an evening with the comfort of crisps, biscuits, chocolate and cake.

Or I can pick a date, start training and get on with it. Because if I don’t the procrastination monkey will steer this ship off over the horizon and I’ll arrive at my 60th birthday with a plus 40 inch waist, a barrel gut and a knackered sofa.

When I started this blog running across Dartmoor seemed like a good idea, but an idea without any firm plans, just a vague ‘hey I’m planning to run across Dartmoor as soon as I’m fit and able enough’. As fine and noble as that idea was it had a very obvious flaw at its centre, in so much as an arbitrary sometime always turns out to be be future tense and is never turned into reality, it forever remains a dream, idea, vision.

Well some dreams come true if you go out and make them happen. This dream will be made to happen. ’50 at 50′ is just too good to miss, and if I do miss it then very likely any pretence at maintaining a level, any level of fitness must be acknowledged to be a pipe dream and I’m going to have to become content with being built for comfort and not for speed.

So I have three training runs under my feet thus far, and a lot of working out of training plans but in my head it can be done, I have (past tense) ran the northern section Okehampton to Postbridge, and know that part of the route so I know I can mentally do that. I have walked some of the southern half, I need to go and see how all the bits I do know fit into the remaining parts I don’t and then finalise the route.

The hard work has begun, I took the hardest step which was to re-invigorate my belief that I could do this, now I have to weather the initial storm of humorous comments and dis-inspirational remarks and just quietly go about getting on with it.

Anybody fancy a very long fell run at the end of May 2018?

“Every year is getting shorter,
never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught
or half a page of scribbled lines”



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