My Name’s Blurryface


6am. C’mon Boys time to go for a run.

Two small boys and myself then proceed to crash about the house pulling on running gear, faffing around tying laces and trying to organise house keys phone and stop the dogs from going mental because they think they’re going too. I think we made enough noise to convince the neighbourhood that the apocalypse was starting. Still we got out of the house, so that’s the first hurdle. Then we go back inside as its brass monkeys outside and we all need another layer, cue more fumbling, crashing dog barking.

Second time around we escape the house, and start a spirited walk down the road, which inevitably with competitive boys turns almost into a run. I manage to rein the boys back before my lungs exploded. we turn into the lane and I start into my run, the boys latching on instantly, the three of us run as a tight unit to the park gate. This is awesome, I’m running with two giggling boys who are high on the fact that I’ve kicked them out of bed. It is still pitch black as we head around the first loop.

The boys are so much faster and fitter than me and I feel a pang of guilt as I call them back, I want to see them fly, but I want them safe in the pre-dawn, I want to be able to see them, I know if I let them go they would disappear beyond my sight, panic, fear, panic, fear, panic, and anger. I go quiet try to control the fury within and concentrate on trying not to pass out, my stomach is rumbling and empty, I have zero energy left.

I manage to start the second loop, cursing myself for not bringing my head torch. Then we set out for home pausing at the gate to take a picture, which doesn’t work to well, but I’m seeing double with the effort at his point so don’t notice.

Home, Coffee, giggling boys, barking dogs, cereal all over the floor, the start of another day.

We’d ran 2Km. It felt like a marathon.

It was THE start.

It is often remarked that the start of a marathon takes place many, many kilometres/miles before the official start line.

My marathon story starts here, with my boys giggling and snorting with laughter into their cereal bowls. Every time they re-tell the story it gets more epic.

Used to dream of outer space
but now they’re laughing at our face
Saying, “Wake up, you need to make money”.



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