A ramble about tech and a summary of the last few weeks including a link to my Strava – feel free to have a look,

I’ve probably done that wrong, I’ll see if I can add a widgemathing to the main site.

I finally figured out a way of getting the information from my Garmin to Strava, it’s long winded but I’ve now done it enough times that it seems quick. My old MacBook runs the old version of Garmin Training Centre, this is what I have to download the Forerunner 305 to, I then export a .tcx file and upload to my google drive, from there I go to the iMac and download from the google drive and import into Garmin connect (web based version) which then auto loads into Strava. Yes I could upload direct into strata from the laptop but the web browsers are so old that they continually hang, and it just ends up being an excessive in futility and no, the web browsers cannot be updated as the laptop is so old the OS cannot be updated anymore.

It all seems like such a waste, a perfectly good laptop that cannot be used anymore just because it cannot run the latest OS, a perfectly functioning GPS running watch which can only just about download its information to a platform which can be viewed and shared. But then as I’m starting to feel aggrieved by it all I realise that both pieces of equipment have functioned flawlessly for over 10+ years. Now I could just run Strava on my phone, but again that is also over 10 years old so will only run the apps already installed on it.

I can in all probability ‘limp on’ like this for another 5-6 years, which will bring the total time served by this equipment close to 20 years. Is that sufficient time to have got my moneys worth? I have no doubt that when I approach that time they will all still function, which will make replacing them seem as wasteful as it does now.

However I run 5 times a week, the new generation GPS watches look like normal sports watches so can be ‘everyday’ wear, and retail around £300-£400 – which man maths out at:

£400 over 20 years – £20 per year. Even if the ‘new’ watch has a lifespan of only ten years that’s still only £40 quid per year for something that you use in anger 5 times a week (260 times per year) or 15p per use.

Man maths aside its still £400, and that is a lot of money all in one go.

Time for a secret credit card?

For those not bothered about Strava here’s a run down of whats happened since the last blog entry.

25th Feb 4K run up and over west mill – Very cold run, set off with minimal kit, which was a big mistake. there was ice all over the rocks and the ground was frozen. I should have abandoned and stuck to the road but didn’t and carried on. When I got home I sorted out my kit so I could run with a small waist pack containing; coat, map, compass and crucially a big orange bivy bag.

28th Feb 6k run up and over East hill the original beast is on its way, ground still frozen and covered in a light dusting of snow, bum bag annoying so change to small rucksack.

6 march 4k run round and round the park – the low point of converting my diet to not use sugar and carbs, I’m feeling flat with no energy

7 march 6k run – West mill to Dinger Tor track snow on path, very heavy going cold crisp air painful to breathe and struggling to get any pace uphill so much so that the first 3km is almost a fast walk , still no energy.

10 march 6k run – 3k out from home 3k back – Not so bad, breathing controlled not gasping, walking anything not flat level. This is where I start to realise that I’m coming home not gasping for breath or with heaving chest and what feels like acid in my lungs. Also my legs are not full of lactic acid or cramping up the following day.

13 march 4k run – getting better feeling easier still. I’m beginning to realise that if i pace myself I could run for hours and hours, such a difference is strange and unsettling, i’m still waiting for the crippling lactic acid in my lungs and legs to cramp up

14 march COSDON see the next blog.

15 March 4km run – I have no memory of this, I just zoned out and ran it

17 march 6km run –  see above for the same


18th march 10km run THE BEAST IS BACK, snow falls gently as I run down the track beside the railway, giggling like a maniac. The 10K race I was going to take part in has been cancelled for safety reasons (quite right too) so the only rational thing for me to do is go for a run. As I run beside the A30 all i can hear are sirens, it is absolutely hitting the fan. When I get back I’m really thirsty, so I start to think about carrying water, then I start to think about how far I’ve ran without really needing it. I think 10k is a limit at the moment, and it is not hot/sunny so I start to look at how and what kit I carry.

Any excuse for marathon YouTube kit review sessions.
I need coffee.

Wake Up.
Run for your life with me
Wake Up.
Run for your life with me.


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