Part One – Postbridge to the Beehive Hut

As well as being an ideal re-supply stop, Postbridge is the beginning of a half Dartmoor south to north route.
Start in the either the not-so-obvious forest car park or the much busier main car/coach parking area with its information centre and toilet block, take advantage of the facilities then continue on towards the Post Office.

Stop to take on board a cup of tea or Ice Cream (recommended even in winter) and head towards the hump back bridge, if you cross to the right hand side you can get a good view of the stone clapper bridge, head back to the left hand side of the road and the little wooden gate.

The alternative route for cutting the corner is shown in orange but as the ground here can get a bit soggy sometimes proceed with caution or stick to the path around the edge, also please ensure gates are shut behind yourself, there is no world record for this run so take a moment to latch gates properly.



Field Boundary

The next section is up onto the first of the Northern Tors, Hartland Tor 410 meters, I would recommend the route in green, however there is a route in orange that bypasses the climb and it is easier going underfoot for those less experienced.


Onto the open moor
Hartland Tor
Towards 408 spot height

The two routes parallel for a while before the alternate descends to shelter in the lee of the valley, I always stay high, aiming for a distant gap in the first of two walls to cross, there are numerous paths and no ‘right one’, just keep a wary eye on your compass should visibility close in. The going underfoot is good here too, quite a nice pace can be set. Look to the right for the huge walled rectangle of The Sheepfold as a handy navigation feature.


To the wall

once your stood at the last wall the path/trail continues for a short distance before splitting, If you have no desire to see the beehive hut nor are willing to loose so much height, then the path continues forward to the ancient settlements, and then becomes indistinct as you head for The Grey Wethers stone circle. Going to the Beehive Hut you need the left fork and to head downhill, as you descend you will catch site of the ‘hut’ hidden amongst the grasses and mounds.


Take the left fork
Decent to the beehive
The Beehive Hut SX 63923 81442
The Beehive Hut SX 63923 81442

And thats the ‘first section’ done, you could continue, or if you’d like a circular run you have two choices, follow the river path back to Postbridge or cross the East Dart river and pick up the trail back along an obvious stone wall to ‘Braddon Lake’ and then onward past ‘Roundy Park’ before emerging via a small clapper bridge besides the car park.

Good run that one, recommend it highly.